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Third Year Anniversary
Golden Edition
Anti-Bullying Awards Show

September 28th, 2019
Showtime: 5:30pm to 7pm

Doors Open at 4pm



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Queen Of Las Vegas Entertainment, Capital Of The World, Third Year Anniversary Golden Edition

The Queen of Las Vegas Entertainment Capital of The World, presents The 3rd Year Anniversary - Golden Edition, Anti-Bullying Awards Show, hosted by Hazel Payne Grammy Award Winner Headliner & of the legendary group Taste Of Honey, featuring Guest Star Performance by King James Brown, Celebrity Guest Star Performance by Jacnique Nina, Celebrity Guest Star Performance By William F. Jordan, with other Celebrity Guest Star Performances a Show you don’t want to miss.

Carrie Brown was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey and is the second child of 5 siblings. At a young age Carrie was always about helping and caring for the needs of others. Carrie Brown is family and a little sister of the Legendary Supreme Cindy Birdsong. Cindy Birdsongs Mother Ann Birdsong was Carrie’s Nanny while growing up with Cindy Birdsongs famous family being around all the excitement of entertainment. Carrie’s Mother taught her how to sing at the tender age of three years old and by the time Carrie was 5 years old she could sing songs of some of the most great songs of her mother’s favorites such as, Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson, Shirley Ceasar and so many more.

Carrie Brown, dad played the piano and her mother played the guitar and Carrie loves all instruments and she loves to sing. Carrie hearts desire was to play the Alto Sax. So at the tender age of 4 yeas old when Carrie started in H.B. Wilson Elementary School went out to learn how to play the Alto Sax only to find she had to learn every horn instrument , read sheet music and by the time Carrie was in the 5th Grade she was playing the Alto Sax outside of all the other actives she participated in school glee club, plays, and the school band also an honor student that Carrie was a school crossing guard.

Carrie Brown has achieved so much in her entertainment career singing on church choirs, the New Jersey Mass Choir, studio recording background & lead, singer, song writer, producer, creator of shows, manager, actress, modeling training Mainline Modeling Guild, Philadelphia, Pa. Television, Co-Host and most of Carries training in television, communications, developing of artist and entertainers was at Unison Television & Unison T. V. Kids under her mentor Rachel Williams, Founder & CEO. I also must make mention of one of her junior high school teachers and mentors which Carrie Brown still today is very much in touch with and the first person who gave Carrie a shot at the mic to sing at her junior high school dance Butch Blade Ingram Of The Legendary Group The Ingram Brothers from Camden, New Jersey.

Queen Of Las Vegas Entertainment, Capital Of The World, Third Year Anniversary Golden Edition

Carrie Brown has done so much in her entertainment career as well as her professional career in Corporate America is so vast it could never be told in a day.

In 2005 Carrie was faced with a life threatening health situation that she then had to make a discussion as soon as possible and had to relocate to Las Vegas. Carrie Brown was transferred by the Corporation in Baltimore she was employed by out of Baltimore, Maryland from their Cherry Hill New, Jersey Agency where Carrie Brown successfully opened their first HR Department only to achieve that goal then becoming the Executive HR Director receiving Awards Of Excellence and The Highest Honors Of Distinction Awards before she had to relocated to Las Vegas. Carrie arrived at the largest Home Health Care Agency September 2005, In Las Vegas where she had the privilege of staffing the Zig Freud & Roy case with skilled Nursing. Carrie Brown had the challenge of passing all the required State Regulated & Compliance Audits and was the Executive HR Director with a case load between 500-600 employees.

As time went on Carrie Brown got back into something she loves so much and that’s entertainment working with stars and legends from all over the world and projects. Such as EC Adams, Marc Nelson, Martin Kember and others now on her own Show The Anti-Bullying Award Show.

Today Carrie Brown also has achieved The United States Of America Royal Regal Crowing Title Holder To The World & Nation which Carrie Brown completed a 8 year branding process to get the the title in it’s rightful standing in our United States History as it should be. Which that title resided dormat where it resided in The Las Vegas Entertainment Capital Of The World & Nation USA.

Carrie Brown being the World Title Holder Of That Crowing Title since 2015 on Sunday, November 11, 2018 @ The Orleans Hotel & Casino Carrie Brown stepped out from behind the scenes as she finally revealed she was Royalty To The World Title Holder as she was now making her way to the Classic International Woman Finals and completed the Nations Ambassador USA and the Title is now completed which is the Royal Regal Title Carrie Brown The Queen Of Las Vegas Entertainment Capital Of The World Nations Ambassador USA. What an honor in Carrie Brown being apart of our United States Of American History.

Carrie Brown Holds an enormous amounts of Titles and takes everyone very seriously because it was a lot she to had to endure being bullied while she went through to achieve such this prestigious honor to the World & The Nation, Integrity, Character, Respect and her sense of dignity to others and herself. Which others found pleasure bullying her life and livelihood to no avail.

In 2015 Carrie Brown began to witness some things that were not so good not knowing her world would spiral as she began to detect unwarranted behaviors as she was making her way out of a past employment in 2016 then it became evident she was being slandered, harassed, discrimination, hostile environment, stalked, liable on social media to family, friends and co-workers and this went on for a few years constantly. Carrie Brown was not able to get or keep promising employment because of the continuous calls being made by the people who pinned this vicious attack against her and they resorted to threatening those people that if they would continue to have anything to do with Carrie Brown they would make it difficult for them to.

Carrie Brown’s whole world came crashing in to a point she felt like there was nothing else to lose after her last attempt to commit suicide. It was her cousin Ryan Gibson who helped her get through a situation she may not have lived through to a point of no return.

Carrie Brown was put in the hospital in February 15, 2018 in very serious critical health condition and as she prayed and was asking what was she going to do God told her to do what I told you to do I gave you the Anti-Bullying Award Show do that. Carrie said, “Ok God” and today it was recently announced in Los Angeles, California that Carrie’s story and the Anti-Bullying Award Show is in popular demand and has gone Globally World Wide. The Carrie Brown’s Story is found in the Magazine Issue Turning Point Champions Of Champions will now be placed in airport news stands, on airplanes, in stores near you. You can also go online by clicking the link below.

People can subscribe to the online issues Finally the magazine is here. Issue 6 of TurningPoint: Younr Lifestye; Your Well-Being. Here is link to your ONLINE, DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION:

The Anti-Bullying Award Show was created and designed to help victims of these tragedies of being bullied which I am finding out today the problem for no recourse or avenues in the judicial system for the victims and what appears the people who bully are getting away with these hate crimes is because there are no laws in place for the victims.

My efforts as to what I endeavor to do is to make sure the victims are heard by the judicial system and they get the help that is needed and for those criminals who find joy in hurting or hating on another person’s life with are acts of hate crimes then those people need to be held accountable for their criminal behavior.

This will be The Third Year Golden Edition Anti-Bullying Anniversary Award Show and I’m Excited and Happy To Announce This Show Has Gone Globally World Wide & Is In Popular Demand In Other Cities, States and Counties. All Can Say Is Look At God.

Each Crown I Dedicated To Every Life and Victims who have been affected by these horrible acts of hate crimes even mine.

Carrie Brown, Queen Of Las Vegas Entertainment Capital Of The World Nations Ambassador USA




    Heavy cream, garlic, white wine, celery fennel, taragon & fresh Salmon.
    Mixed greens & kale salad, topped with cheese, craisins, walnuts, flax seed and tomatoes served with dressing.
    Tropical fruit, berries, red onions & shaved almonds served on a bed of fresh baby spinach, with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
    Plain or tossed with a buffalo or BBQ sauce, served with ranch dressing, celery & fries.
    Sharp or white cheddar served with sweet potato fries.
    Shredded slow cooked pork seasoned just right with BBQ sauce on a brioche bun topped with coleslaw and fries.
    Deep fried until golden brown and placed on a buttered brioche bun, topped with tartar sauce or chipotle mayo and served with fries.
    Served with citrus chili or cocktail sauce.


ADULTS $20 & SENIORS (55+ Years) $14
Several Gluten Free Items Available




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